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Brevin + Jessica | A Coastal Proposal


The plan was to have a cozy day at the coast…for one of us.

At the beginning of August, Marcell and I made plans with two of our close friends, Jessica & Brevin, to have a little beach day. We all agreed it was overdue to hang out just the four us.

Except, unbeknownst to Jessica, Brevin had contacted Marcell and I in advance with some additional plans… he was going to propose.

Marcell and I grabbed our cameras, our best “nonchalant” attitudes for the day, and set off to take in a lovely day in Newport, Oregon. We knew Jessica wouldn’t suspect anything with our cameras out because Marcell and I pretty much grab our cameras for any fun outing. We knew we could capture the whole day in its entirety without hiding anything. :)

“I chose the coast after thinking about the proposal for a long time. Throughout our time together, Jessica and I would always go on coast trips to get away even if it was just for the day. It only seemed right that if I was going to propose it would be somewhere meaningful. It also helped that it was nothing out of the ordinary to keep her from suspecting anything. :-)”

- Brevin, on why he chose the coast

ps i have to capture pics of marcell because he is so dang cute.

“This had already been a really eventful weekend, and I was just so ready to spend the day at the coast with some friends. Brevin had gotten some extra time off from his job at camp and I was so excited to get a full day with him and two of our best friends.”

-Jessica, on her mentality going into the day


“It is still crazy to think about how perfect the day was”

“I had absolutely no clue what was going to happen. Our friends had been taking so many fun photos that day, which is so normal for them since they are both photographers, and I kept thinking of how much fun it would be to decide on what photo to post on Instagram that night. Brevin has always been good at surprising me, but since we had already talked about getting engaged and married for some time, I always thought I would see it coming.

It is still crazy to think about how perfect the day was.”

- Jessica, on if she ever suspected anything

We had concocted a plan with Brevin and we knew he was propose at our last destination, the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. We knew we would have a full day of beach fun and coffee before it was time for the big moment. So Marcell, Brevin and myself spent the day having a total blast while maintaining that everything was completely normal. Speaking for myself, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about the proposal!!

We ended up going to two different beaches and walked around town for a bit before driving to the lighthouse. And when we finally got the lighthouse, well, things didn’t go as planned..

Upon arrival to the Yaquina Lighthouse, Brevin and I shared a look that said, “It’s not going to work here.” There were far too many people around and it just wouldn’t be as dreamy as we would want. We looked around and saw a small hill with a footpath that overlooked the lighthouse and immediately Brevin and I said, “OOH WE SHOULD GO UP THERE AFTER!”

Thank goodness Jessica has such a good spirit and “go-with-the-flow” attitude! We walked around the lighthouse a bit before we started our trek.

“Wow, both of the beaches we went to were so cool but it was hard for me to enjoy them with the weight of what I knew was coming. Especially since the day wasn't technically planned, I was constantly planning in my head what things I was going to say and do to make sure we ended up on that hill.

That being said, it was nothing but joy and excitement, I knew that as we spent the day together we would remember this for the rest of our lives.”

-Brevin, on how he was feeling at the beach, knowing he was going to propose to Jessica

“That was the single hardest "hike" I have ever had to endure. The entire time my mind was racing at a million miles an hour. I was also wearing three layers so definitely sweating too. Every time that she stopped to look at the view I would freak out because I was worried she would want to stop there and then head back down. The ring was of course in my pocket at that time so I was also constantly aware of it. Knowing that at the top I was going to propose to Jessica kept me going despite everything. I was so excited to get to the top of the hill and come down with a fiancé.

Coming down was much better than going up.”

- Brevin, on his thoughts while climbing the hill

When we reached the top, the plan was that Brevin would ask for a photo of the two of them.

Then, after snapping a couple, I would ask if I could pose them a particular way.

Per my photographer’s “vision,” I would pose them facing away from each other with their eyes blissfully closed. This was the moment Brevin could reach for the ring without her knowing.

And then, when she would turn around…

“I just kept thinking of how I had finally made it. That entire day was leading up to that moment and I couldn't be more ready. Courtney came up with a great idea to pose us right before I proposed and an awesome picture came out of it. You can tell by the smile on my face that it was pure joy and excitement.

I didn't know what words I was going to say I didn't know how exactly I was supposed to propose but I think it all turned out alright.”

- Brevin, on what he was thinking as he held the ring in his hand

“I turned around and there was Brevin, down on one knee, ring on full display, and all I could think to say was "Are you proposing?" It seems silly but I was genuinely so surprised that I was at a complete loss for words.

Then I said yes because this sweet man was my best friend and I couldn't wait to spend the rest of my life with him.”

- Jessica, on what she was thinking when she turned around

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“While saying the proposal is the obvious answer, spending the entire day with two of our best friends was amazing.

It was so great having time to just be together picking a favorite moment just isn't possible.”

- Brevin & Jessica on the favorite part of the day


“May 30th can not come soon enough”

all photography by marcell & myself. <3



To Brevin & Jessica —

we feel incredibly blessed to have witnessed this day and been a part of it. We could not be happier for you.

Love - Courtney & Marcell