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Courtney + Edward | Tin Roof Barn


It is raining in the Pacific Northwest
You know what that means… FALL WEDDING SEASON IS UPON US!

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I have been saving this wedding to blog for such a time as this. Fall weddings have some of the most beautiful, cozy, and romantic details in my opinion. This wedding—Courtney (name twin!) and Edward’s October wedding—should be the poster child of fall weddings. I should also mention that this wedding was on Marcell’s birthday, so it made the whole day even more fun for him and I to shoot together!

If you are planning an October Wedding, or even just a wedding during the fall.. you will definitely want to pin every image from this one.

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This was mine and Marcell’s first time shooting at Tin Roof Barn and I instantly fell in love with it. I was secretly even more excited about it because it is an outdoor wedding venue located in Washington—aka my first time shooting a wedding out-of-state! I love being a Eugene local photographer, but I love traveling to new places even more. <3

“I remember feeling nervous but also a lot of excitement that the day had finally arrived where I got to marry my best friend.”

- Courtney, on the morning of her wedding

A little bit about our beautiful bride & groom…

Courtney and Edward were together for 6 years before they got married, and they met in a college organic chemistry class. They also have THE CUTEST golden retriever pup. (keep scrolling to see her!)

Their wedding theme was rustic and vintage, with many personal touches to showcase Courtney and Edward’s love for the outdoors and mountains. Their venue choice was below one of their favorite mountains that they had shared a lot of memories. In their words: “The fall colors and sunny October weather made everything perfect.” I couldn’t agree more.

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The decor they chose for the inside of the barn was simply GORGEOUS, and you could tell they put a lot of time into selecting their furniture and color palette. I loved the colors of the florals that were every way you looked. The colors and arrangements were wild and romantic. The bride and groom were most excited about their floral arrangements because their sweet friend Shalom, of Tethered Pines, created everything for them. Marcell and I loved meeting Shalom and were amazed at her work!

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Marcell and I loved shooting this wedding for two incredible people.

It was two October babies’ dream wedding.

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“Our ceremony stands out the most to us because it was full of so many emotions and love, it truly felt like magic and neither of us could contain our tears.”

- Courtney and Edward

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“We laugh about how cold it got once the sun went down and how one of my mom's best friends hijacked the speeches to share a blessing that she read at my parent's wedding 28 years ago.”

- Courtney and Edward

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I asked Courtney what advice she give other brides before their wedding day and here is her answer:

“I would tell other brides not to get too caught up in all of the wedding details because at the end of the day you won’t remember what kind of decor you had or the type of dessert, you’ll just remember the love you shared with your friends and families. Enjoy being engaged and recenter your focus on your marriage not just your wedding.”
— - Courtney

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Marcell and I still talk about this day.

We drank pumpkin beer,

snuggled in their monogrammed blankets next to fire places,

danced with all of Courtney and Edward’s family and friends,

and made several new friends with the wonderful vendors we met there!

Thank you to Courtney, Edward, and their families for having us!


Thank you to all of the wonderful vendors that helped put together this event!

You can find all of their links below:


Special shout-out to our new besties, Mikal & Brandy, who we met on this day! They were the videographers and we just adored them with out whole hearts. <3

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