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Meet My Second Shooter!

Yup, wedding season is here.. and it is awesome!

I am getting so excited for all the weddings to come this year! If you haven't noticed, I have already updated my website to make room for all the amazing photos to come. (And for possibly more wedding clients! *wink*)

I have added a bit more information on my website regarding wedding packages. If you are interested about learning more about what I offer, click over to the "My Wedding Packages" Page! For information regarding my prices, feel free to Contact Me here!

I recently shot my first wedding and it was amazing! (Full blog post to come soon!) Here are a couple sneak peek photos from Katie & Caleb's beautiful day. <3

As for other updates.. I started a Vlog on Youtube. (It's really silly.) I will be doing more videos over on there very soon and also some behind the scenes videos and maybe other cool things too! It's been a fun new tool to share parts of my life and I have enjoyed it so far. So yay for that!

And one more thing.. I am already thinking about College Senior Photos for this spring and High School Senior Photos for 2017-2018. (crazy!) I will have more about that in an upcoming blog post very soon! 

And now getting to the meaning of my blog title... I would like to formally introduce to you, in a blog post... my second shooter for weddings! ....

shaynah -  nov 2016-21.jpg

Meet: Shaynah Vandegriffe! 


Shaynah and I met back in 2014 through a gathering of local photographers and we became instant friends. She is, of course, also a local photographer in Eugene, Oregon and does beautiful work.

Shaynah and I were having coffee one afternoon and realized how both of our businesses were beginning to take off, and we realized many newly-engaged couples in search of a wedding photographer sometimes like the option of having two photographers at their ceremony. As Shaynah and I were discussing our options and worries in tackling this issue as individual photographers, we realized the answer was staring us in the face: we could be each other's second shooter. 

shaynah -  nov 2016-56.jpg

Now, when I book a wedding and need a second shooter, I do not have to look for a stranger to be my second shooter! Shaynah and I have finalized our plans of approach and have booked weddings with each other in mind, (we even have a google doc and everything!) She shot a beautiful spring wedding with me last year and it was a lovely experience. The wedding is featured on my blog here.



Needless to say, I have been blessed to have Shaynah as a colleague and friend. It has been so great to be able to offer the option for a second shooter in my wedding packages for my brides and grooms whom are interested! (Of course, I am also able to shoot a wedding as a single shooter!) 

For more information about adding a second shooter to a wedding package (aka, Shaynah :) ) please refer to the "My Wedding Packages" page. I can be quite flexible and able to create a wedding package that fits your needs! For more information about Shaynah and her work, I've given all her links below. :)

Welp, that about does is for my updates. Again, thank you all so much for the support of my work. It means a great deal. If you'd like to find me on any of the social medias, the links are all near my website header. Please do give me a "Like" on Facebook or a "Follow" on Instagram. It really does help spread the word about my work!

Thank you all again, and I'll see you real soon!

- Courtney