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Journey to the Redwoods [VIDEO]


So I am FINALLY going to start sharing some photos from good ol' adventures that I've taken with friends and family alike. I have been a bit disappointed in myself to be honest, because there are so many photos I've withheld from this website for fear of them not being good enough or "cool" enough. Being insecure is so lame and it ENDS HERE.

So here is a bit of backstory / exposition about the "Journey to the Redwoods" ...

Four friends and myself decided we would take a 24-hour trip (almost exactly 24 hours even) down to Crescent City, California to camp overnight and then hike a bit in the Redwoods while we were there. We departed Saturday and were able to be back Sunday night before 7 PM, when many of us go to church to serve as High School Leaders. 
We explored Crescent City and found Whale Rock for hiking and Java Hut for coffee, and ended our trip in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park for a bit of hiking. It was stunning, to say the least.

I've compiled some of my favorite photos from the trip (which can be seen below) and even a little video for your viewing pleasure. I am beginning to produce more video on my new YouTube channel, if you would like to see my content there please Like and Subscribe. <3

Thanks for looking at this blog and as always I am available for questions about my work HERE. For those of you who don't know I am a wedding and portrait photographer and am available for hire!

Thank you thank you again, and here are some pics.

- Courtney 

Whale Rock – Crescent City, California 

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park – California

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