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Laura | Magical Backyard Senior Session

LAURA - BLOG-38.jpg

Growing up as a kid, did you ever have a special & magical place you played at?

Laura did.. and it's still just as magical. READ ON >

this senior session features all the magic of childhood.

This was such a fun day for me. Laura and her family are the SWEETEST people and made me feel so at home in their dreamy abode. Laura and I walked around their backyard and took photos in all the special places she has played as a kid. We giggled and had too much fun.

One really cool thing they had in their beautiful backyard was an exact replica of the UP! house from Disney. I was freaking out just a little bit. Laura even had balloons to take photos with. Ah. My heart.

Please enjoy these photos of stunning Laura! As always thank you for checking out my blog and feel free to follow me/like me here and here. Questions and comments are always welcome. If you would like to book a Senior Session (or a wedding, engagement, etc) you can contact me here.

Without further ado... please scroll and enjoy. 

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Thank you again to Laura and her family. :)