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Samantha Tucker | Lone Pine Farm

I can't say enough good things about this shoot... besides that it's an autumnal dream come true.

Samantha Tucker wanted a whimsical, fall, Alice-In-Wonderland type of senior portrait session. This sounded like only all the best things in life put together to me, so I was beyond excited. We ventured out to one of my favourite locations: Lone Pine Farms. She knew she wanted photos in the tree orchard, and I have to say, I think the resulting photos are gorgeous. It doesn't hurt that Sam is gorgeous too.

I hope you enjoy the whimsy of this session—I know I did. I highly recommend sipping some apple cider and listening to some smooth jazz as you scroll through. Trust me, it really adds to the effect. 

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Anywhooo, take care friends. Let's grab cider together sometime.

xx Courtney