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Bailey Cooper | Eugene, Oregon

A gentle light slips through the window blinds. Spotify playing in the background. Candles burning. Sipping on Twinnings tea I bought in London.

Hey all. I am working 'round the clock to catch up on blogging and make some adjustments to update my site. I am also hoping to get some business cards in the mix here soon. Anyone know of any cool/rad/tight/quality/CHEAP sites to order from? I might as well ask while you are here.

I just finished another set for the Class of 2015. Here is Bailey Cooper. He is laughing in many of these pictures because he found my shooting style funny/awkward. How rude. (but true) We were able to shoot at a friend of his' farm. There were a couple of sweet horses that were so fun to incorporate into the shoot too. It was a very picturesque Saturday morning.

His darling girlfriend Naomi joined us for some cute couple pics. I couldn't resist adding in a few. 

Thanks for giving these a glance! It truly means a lot. I am still available for more senior shoots. If you know of anyone in need of some pics, hit a girl up!

xo -courtney